Lutetium-177 PSMA radionuclide therapy (Lu-PSMA) is  a treatment that is brand new prostate that is sophisticated. Lu-PSMA is  a molecule that is radioactive especially attaches to tissue with a high amounts  of PSMA on top associated with the cells. This allows the radioactivity becoming provided primarily towards the prostate cancer tissues wherever obtained distribute, while sparing more tissue that is regular. Past lightweight medical studies of Lu-PSMA demonstrated activity that is promising people with advanced prostate cancer tumors.

This study that is randomised examine through  a kinds of radiation treatment also referred to as cabazitaxel, that is the typical treatment for more impressive range prostate cancer tumors whenever other treatment options posses stopped operating. Half the individuals will receive Lu-PSMA and 1 / 2 shall get cabazitaxel. This research will offer more info about the danger and advantages of Lu-PSMA weighed against cabazitaxel in men with prostate cancer. We plan  to enrol 200 individuals within the scholarly study in Australia.


TheraP is a collaboration between ANZUP cancer tumors studies team and also the Prostate cancer tumors first step toward Australia (PCFA) with support through  the Australian Nuclear Science and tech company (ANSTO), Endocyte, It’s a Bloke Thing, Movember and CAN4CANCER.